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‘Holy Libido’ Ignites a Craving for Passionate Life in God
Author Roderick Lee Smith uses refreshing humor and a bit of wisdom to take on the challenging topic of developing an intimate relationship with our Creator

Contact: Robyn Williams, WinePress Publishing, 360-802-9758, robyn@winepressgroup.com

SEATTLE, May 20, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — It seems that books espousing intimate relationships are all the rage today. So how about a book that fans into flame our deepest desire for an intimate relationship with God? According to author Rod Smith, we were designed for a life of splendor, and we experience a hint of the original splendor as we allow the passionate Spirit of God to flow freely in our lives. Throughout the pages of “Holy Libido”, readers will be amused one moment, and moved to tears the next by stories of both triumph and tragedy. They will be compelled to pursue an “all in” relationship with God as they learn about the importance of removing the spiritual debris that has accumulated over the years.

Smith grew up as a country boy, and has always had a heart for adventure. And he has always enjoyed the “tension” questions about God’s plan for us while we’re here on earth. His life has been tempered with both deep trials and hard-fought victories, all of which have made him a man deeply in love with God. After obtaining a PhD from Purdue University, Dr. Smith became a marriage and family therapist. During his nearly twenty years as a therapist, he encountered many people who shared in the struggle to find a transparent and fulfilling relationship with God.
“Holy Libido” inspires readers to abandon the lies of the Enemy, and get on with allowing God to be God in our lives. Smith goes places that many fear to go, and does so in a way that is both entertaining and inspiring.   “Some of us have plugged God in as the copilot of our lives,” says Smith. “He’s welcome to ride along with us, just not behind the driver’s wheel. Others of us seem to have more faith in luck than we do in God. We still knock on wood and cross our fingers and hope for the best. We wear a shiny and bright cross around our neck like a lucky rabbit’s foot…”
Smith wrote the book he would like to have read years ago in the early days of his journey with God. It is a book that will serve as a guide for anyone who craves a life-transforming relationship with his or her heavenly Father. Only in an intimate relationship with God will one be able to live the life they were designed to live — a life with a bit of splendor.
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