Are You a Naked Warrior?

Barefoot (2)Are we bold enough to pray with Paul that God will give us the words we need to fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel whenever we open our mouth? It’s a bold prayer. [Ephesians 6.19]

Here’s what strikes me about this prayer: Paul knew he was incapable of sharing the the mystery of the Gospel – apart from God’s power at work within him. And he was the Apostle Paul! Yet he was just like us – incapable of the work of the Spirit apart from the empowerment of the Spirit.

Take a look at the context. The secret to boldly proclaiming the “mystery of the Gospel” is revealed in the teaching that comes immediately before Paul’s audacious prayer. It’s called “the Armor of God.”

Perhaps the reason we cower in fear is that we’re spiritually naked. [On a personal note, I typically don’t feel very courageous when I’m naked.] We feel vulnerable because we are vulnerable without the armor of God.

But with the armor in place – the FULL armor of God – we can be “strong in the Lord, and in his mighty power…” [Ephesians 6.10] That’s when we can proclaim life-giving words to those who are without hope, and lost without the grace of God. It’s the mystery of the Gospel.

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