My Life as an International Drug Runner – Part FIVE

Curves for Women (2) I accepted the invitation to be the Ambassador of Kobare. I considered it to be an honor. The cost to build the church was about $3,500, including the land and the building. To be honest, my first thought was to write a check for the entire amount, and that would complete my assignment. But God nixed my plan. He told me this was an opportunity to see how he would bless my obedience…and the newly formed church at Kobare. He asked me to trust him to provide the money.

When I got back home, I began sharing the opportunity to invest in the Kobare mission with my family and friends. I received many good wishes for success, along with some investment checks. One of my friends that I shared the opportunity with, Pamalot, told me she worked for a lady who owned a couple of Curves for Women franchises who had been looking for a place to send money.

So I called Susan, Pamalot’s boss, and told her about the work God had begun in Kobare, and about the need for a place to meet, and to worship. As we were talking, I remembered a picture I had taken following one of the crusades of a teenage boy wearing a tee shirt that had caught my eye. Although the name on the shirt only amused me at the time, now it made perfect sense. I emailed the picture to Susan.

The name on the shirt—Curves for Women! As you might imagine, the photo had the same effect on Susan it had on me, and she invested the remaining money we needed for the project. Within just a few weeks the land was purchased and the corrugated metal building was ready for worship. In my heart, I can hear the songs of praise to the beat of the hearts of the people of Kobare.

Pastor Todd at Sagebrush teaches that God will not ask us to do what he does not give us the passion…and the resources…to do. The fear I had as a kid that kept me from fully embracing the plan of my Father God eventually gave way to the passion he placed in my heart to trust him—really trust him—with my life. Now, I’m respectfully amused by how silly it is for us to resist such a great adventure that God has prepared for us to experience. It’s the adventure of becoming the person he designed us to be, and to live the life he designed us to live.

Part 5 of 5…Thank you for joining me on this great adventure!

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