LIFE…out of the dirt…

I’m fascinated by our Creator—what He’s really like! I see evidence of Him all around me…every day. I look often toward the mountains and am reminded of His majesty. At times I’m spellbound by what appears to be His glory hovering over the highest peaks of the Sandia Mountains. And when I look at the intricate beauty of a flower, and smell the fragrance, and realize this thing of beauty grew out of the dirt, I am amazed! Still…I am even more amazed that He loves me—and that He has a Plan for my life, and His Plan is good. In fact, it’s PERFECT! (Jeremiah 29:11)

I squandered several years of my life because of my deceptive and self-destructive ways. I perverted the precious gift of life, and I was compelled to live in the shadows of guilt and shame. I hurt people by my foolishness. I felt as though I had disqualified myself from ever finding real peace and meaning in my life.

But…God invited me to come back home to Him. And I accepted the invitation. I was given yet another chance.

By His grace He has healed my heart. And He has not only restored my life, but He has given me an Abundant Life…far beyond anything I ever imagined…and far beyond anything I deserve. That’s His Amazing Grace! And I am astounded that He has invited me to share in His Plan here on earth. I get to tell my story of mind-boggling peace…and of a purpose that is eternal.

The good news is that He loves to forgive us and restore us to a relationship with Himself. He only asks that we admit to our need for Him, and humbly ask for the gift of His grace in our life, and receive the New Life He has prepared for us–Eternal Life that begins the very moment we are set free by our amazing Creator!

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