Thanks Family Life Coach Mike…!

It was about three weeks ago I had a conversation on the phone with Mike Fendley, Manager of HomeBuilder Coaching at Family Life. It was one of those delightful conversations you know has been arranged by our Father. Mike and I had met briefly in February on the “Love Like You Mean It” cruise.

Mike’s gift is to encourage people to maximize the giftedness and opportunities God has entrusted to us. He’s good at what he does. By the end of our conversation, Mike had tapped in to the desire God has placed in my heart – and in the heart of my wife Rose – to share with others the flow of His Spirit in our lives. We love to talk and write about the Life Lessons we are learning along our journey with each other – and with Jesus.

Toward the end of our conversation Mike asked me what my next step might be. He also reminded me – kindly – of the fact I’m no longer a whippersnapper, and essentially told me I need to get on with the plans God has put in my heart.

So…Rose and I started our blog and I started tweeting—the same day. Like I said, that was about three weeks ago, and we now have about 450 people following us on Twitter, and our blog has had about  900 views. Rose is nearly bursting at the seams with happiness – LOVING the opportunity to write about her joyfully rejuvenating journey with her PapaGod!

Just wondering…what’s YOUR next step? Whether you’re a whippersnapper (like Rose!) or a geezer (like me!), what’s God stirring in your heart? Let’s get on with it. We have lots to do. And in all we do…may we bring glory to our Lord and Savior!

Thank you Mike!

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