Curves in Kobare…

During my trip to Kenya I had an experience which, without a doubt, revealed the hand of God in a way that blew past anything I could have dreamed up on my own. Toward the end of the last crusade I was asked to be the “Ambassador to Kobare.” I was told that if I accepted the invitation it would be my task to tell others about the wonderful things God had been doing there, and that he needed people who would “invest” in the ongoing mission of Kobare. I was told we did not want contributions, because a contribution did not require any follow-up by its contributor. An investment, on the other hand, is tracked by the investor who has a personal interest in what’s happening with his or her investment.

I accepted the invitation…it was an honor. The cost to build the church was about $3,500, including the land and the building. To be honest, my first thought was to write a check for the entire amount, and that would complete my assignment. But I ran this plan past God, and he told me this was an opportunity to see how he would bless my obedience. He asked me to trust him to provide the money.

When I got back home I began sharing the opportunity to invest in the Kobare mission with my family and friends. I received many good wishes for success, along with some investment checks. One of my friends that I shared the opportunity with, Pamalot, told me she worked for a lady named Susan who owned a couple of Curves for Women franchises. And ‘coincidentally’ she had been looking for a place to send money.

So I called Susan and told her about the work God had begun in Kobare, and about the need for a place to meet and worship. As we were talking, I remembered a picture I had taken following one of the crusades of a teenage boy wearing a tee-shirt that had caught my eye. Although the name on the shirt only amused me at the time, now it made perfect sense. The name on the shirt—Curves for Women! As you might imagine, it had the same effect on Susan it had on me, and she invested the remaining money we needed for the project. Within just a few weeks the land was purchased and the corrugated metal building was ready for worship.

We love to hear stories about how God comes through in miraculous ways. Interestingly, these stories always seem to begin with opportunities that can feel like pressure to us…pressure to “perform.” But the pressure we feel happens because we tend to forget God is the one who called us to serve. And we forget that we can rest in the confidence God will  provide the solution to every challenge he allows in our life. After all, Jesus is the Vine and we are the branches, and anything of value we accomplish is because of him…not us.

“Yes, I (Jesus) am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.” ~John 15:5

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  1. tcavey
    Jun 20, 2012 @ 12:24:20

    Yes, I’ve felt pressure and looking back God has never left me. I would do good to remember that when the pressure first appears instead of later!
    I mean, He’s the Great I AM! Why should I feel pressure?


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