Ahhh…the Mountains!

I suppose to some folks, the way Rose and I spent our time together this past weekend might seem a bit strange. After we set up our 5th wheel in the Jemez Mountains, we did absolutely nothing. Nothing, that is, except read and write.

We all have things we enjoy doing…things we gravitate toward when we find some time that has not been committed elsewhere. “Free time,” as we like to call it. Rose and I head for the mountains. Some of you can relate when I tell you the mountains were calling us, and we were excited to answer. The first time Rose brought me to the mountains to hike, a part of me felt as if I had come home. The splendor and majesty is difficult to explain to someone who has not experienced it firsthand.

So as I sit here in the shade of the canopy, writing my thoughts, Rose is sitting next to me clicking away on her laptop too. We pause every now and then to talk about some of the things we’re thinking, and the things we’re writing. And we like to pause just to thank God for the opportunity to enjoy each other—and him—in this way. Times such as these recharge our spirits, enabling us to continue on with the assignments we’ve been given.

I hope you have an opportunity sometime soon to find a special place where you can spend some quiet time, where God can speak to you, and you can hear his voice. And possibly you will want to take a moment to write about the things he’s showing you and teaching you. Rose and I always look forward to hearing about the things God is doing in your life. Thank you for sharing in this journey with us.

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