My Hollyhock…

I love Hollyhocks! They remind me of growing up on the farm near Otisville, Michigan. They were one of two of my favorite flowers that bloomed near the old farmhouse. My other favorite flower was the Lily of the Valley.

The Hollyhock in the picture was a gift from Rose. It’s just one of many thoughtful things she has done for me, and this gift is one of my very favorites! From what I recall, I only mentioned to Rose in passing that I liked Hollyhocks. Within a couple of days, she gave me one in a small pot.

Rose’s spontaneous thoughtfulness reminds me of the importance of paying attention to the people we love and care about so we will recognize opportunities to please them with a special gift.

I’m not a good gift buyer. Shopping for a random gift makes me sweat—literally. I confess it’s something that makes me feel inept, and a little silly. How hard can it be to buy a gift? But the entire time I’m shopping, my wheels are spinning, and I’m trying to picture that special someone opening first one gift, then another, and trying to imagine the look on their face. That’s why I love giving gift cards and cash.

That is, unless I know of something I’m sure they would like. As much as I dislike random gift shopping, I love to buy gifts that I know will have special meaning to the special people in my life. I know Rose felt something very similar when she gifted me with the precious baby Hollyhock.

So…who do you know that might enjoy a special gift…today? What is their “Hollyhock?” May God help us to be aware of an opportunity to be a blessing to someone today.

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