Holy Libido: Back Cover Text

What if we craved God more than we crave the appetites of our flesh? What if we were obsessed with knowing God more than we are obsessed with our personal entertainment and comfort?

Deep within the heart of many people is a nagging restlessness, a relentless desire for something more than the life they’re living. For some, it’s little more than an occasional distraction, a subtle drone in the background of their mind. For others, it is a relentless hunger that clamors for fulfillment. While the world around us radiates the splendor of a magnificent Creator, the world within us bears little resemblance to anything splendorous. Although we were created to reflect the image of God, we humans are the only creatures on earth that struggle to be what we were designed to be.

Holy Libido will ignite hope within you, fanning into flame your longing for a passionate relationship with God.

Holy Libido will infuse you with the courage to expose—and abandon—the lies of the world.

Holy Libido will compel you to rediscover the original design of humanity—to live life as God’s masterpiece.

Accept this rousing invitation to experience the passionate flow of God’s Spirit in your life. Invite God to release you from the encumbrances that have accumulated along your journey. And discover personally what it means to reflect a bit of the splendor of our majestic Creator.

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