Christmas is OUR Story!

Merry ChristmasAhhh…the”Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holiday” thing!

In the midst of the season, may we remember the true Christmas Story is OUR story to tell! There’s no need to be concerned when others refer to it as a “holiday” if that’s what it is to them. Christmas is not everyone’s story. Why would we expect others to tell our story!

Christmas is our opportunity to tell the story God has placed in our hearts…the wonderful Story of God sending His Son Jesus to earth to rescue us from our captivity to the Father of the Lie, and to empower us to live an abundant life.

Christmas is our opportunity to share the love of Jesus with those for whom Christmas is merely a holiday. Be kind. Whisper a prayer that they too might become a part of this amazing story.

May the world around us be drawn to the Spirit of Jesus within us during this Joyous Christmas Holiday Season!

Rose and I wish you a Blessed Christmas Celebration!!

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