Super Bowl Sunday….and WAY Beyond!

superfanA battle is scheduled to take place today in New Orleans. The warriors are some of the most powerful men in the world, trained in the art of war…face paint and all. For those who watch from the grandstands, the pulsating energy is almost too much to bear. Many seem to be overcome with the hype and fanfare; some appear to lose all sense and sensibility.

Yet, it’s just a game. In the grand scheme of things, we will be entertained for only a moment. Some will experience the thrill of victory; others, the agony of defeat. But in just a few short hours, all that will be left is the trash in the grandstands. Tomorrow will be life as usual, never mind the throbbing headache and queasy stomach.

There’s another battle raging on, but we’re not in the grandstands. We’re in the arena. And the cloud of witnesses is on its feet! By comparison, the Super Bowl is child’s play…akin to backyard touch football.

The outcome of the battle we’re engaged in has eternal consequences. The victors of this battle will enjoy a celebration with no end (and no hangover), with the One who spun our world into being. Although he is a mighty warrior—radiating with brilliant splendor—he tenderly formed us in our mother’s womb. And he invites us to share with him in the life he has prepared for us…forever.

So as you’re whoopin’ and hollerin’ and munchin’ on snacks, imagine the inexplicable magnitude of the real battle…the battle between good and evil. And consider the part you’re playing in the battle. Suit up! Can you hear the roar in the grandstands of all those who have gone on ahead of us! It’s an electrifying moment…with an eternal prize.

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