The Tears of a Man

tears of a manJesus demonstrated how to be a wholly integrated, multifaceted human being. In the typical ways men are men, Jesus was a man. He worked in his earthly dad’s carpenter shop, possibly building carts and furniture and other things common to day-to-day life at that time. Wouldn’t it be a treat to have something built by Jesus, even if it was just a simple wooden trinket? Just to know the hands of the Carpenter shaped it to be what he wanted it to be would make it a treasure too valuable to imagine. Amazingly, he has given us exactly that—something formed by the hands of the Master. He has given us us. We are a “treasure in an earthen vessel” (2 Corinthians 4:7).

And Jesus fixed stuff. That’s what some men are inclined to do. Granted, some of our solutions complicate the matter, but never mind that. We mean well. Jesus demonstrated his strength by fixing things that needed to be fixed. For instance, he once cleared the temple with a whip he made when things had gone off track from the will of his Father.

Jesus also demonstrated characteristics we typically attribute to women. A couple of days after his friend Lazarus died, Jesus showed up to be with Lazarus’ sisters, Martha and Mary. Their hearts were broken, and they expressed the “if only” we can all relate to. Mary fell at Jesus’ feet… “Lord, if only you had been here, my brother would not have died” (John 11:32). She obviously had faith to believe that if Jesus had been there when he was supposed to be there, her brother would still be alive. What she did not yet realize was that Jesus was not limited to healing just the living.

Jesus listened carefully and compassionately to his friends’ sorrow. I imagine his eyes were studying their eyes as sadness poured out in their tears. We know he took them seriously because he was moved to do something about what he felt. That’s what real compassion does—it motivates us to do something in response to what we feel.

If we had the power to fix the situation, most of us guys would have skipped what Jesus did next. We like to go straight to the solution, blow right past the emotion. But he didn’t blow past the emotion. He wept. As I said, many of us guys would have deleted that scene from the story. But in order for men to be holy the way we are designed to be holy, we need to become whole men. Jesus set the example for what a real man is like. A real man is not only concerned with fixing the situation, but he also takes time to feel the emotional impact of his friends’ sadness.

~Excerpt from Holy Libido

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