A Dazzling Passion…

Passion for life finds its source in our passionate Creator. He has dazzled us with the majesty of his work. The spectacular vastness his workmanship is everywhere. We almost have to remind ourselves to breathe the first time we lay eyes on the Grand Canyon. Who can stand at the edge of an ocean and not feel his power in the crashing waves? And there’s an intimate and tender dimension to the spectacular ways of God. The birth of our child—sperm and egg that became human—unleashes a flood of emotion that flows from a place deeper within us than we knew existed.

I believe God designed us to experience his passion in our lives. Falling in love is one of those passionate experiences. When we fall in love, something from deep within surges to the surface, emerging with such force that we are stunned by the impact. We are unprepared for the intensity of the emotions we feel. Up until that time, our anger or sadness may have been the only emotions that really stirred us. But this is different—it’s in a realm of its own. The feelings are more powerful than anything we have ever imagined.

When we are in love, nothing else matters except the object of our passion. When we’re unable to be together physically, we’re together in our minds and hearts. We fabricate reasons to call on the phone, just to hear our lover’s voice, and we come up with an excuse to stop in—just for a minute. We explain we just happened to be in the area; never mind it was miles out of our way.

Here are the questions of the day: Is this the passion we feel for God? Are we distracted by our love for him? Will we go out of our way just to spend time with him?

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