Flickering Embers…

The flicker of desire to live for something grander than our fleeting selves is not extinguished, even though at times it seems to be. If it was dead, the angst we feel would have died along with it. Even though the desire for something more may be weak, there’s still some life left in it. All it takes is a spark of hope and a breath of inspiration to reignite a flickering ember.

Something within us longs to fulfill the original design even though we don’t fully understand what that means. Just as a seed germinates, unlocking a sprout that wiggles its way to the surface of the earth and then continues to reach upward as it grows to be what it was programmed to be, so the human spirit reaches for the fulfillment of what it was designed to become. It’s in the DNA—the genetic code for all human life.

Invite God to breathe renewed life into your spirit today, reigniting the flickering desire to live life with him today…

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