What is Holy Libido? (Part 2…)

As a marriage therapist for nearly twenty years, I was invited into the personal life stories of hundreds of people. I was invited into the profound struggles, and the anguish of life gone wrong. Early in my practice, I mistakenly believed that if I offered godly counsel to those who came to see me for help, their lives would change. But frankly, I saw very little authentic life change. Most clients were happy to settle for a momentary reorientation that made life a little more manageable…for a while.

I think there are a couple of key reasons for this. One reason is that too many people are hoping that the world around them will change to make their lives more suitable and comfortable. Few people I’ve met are truly willing to allow God to do the deep work of healing that needs to be done within them. And the second reason is that too many people seem to be blind to the truth about themselves. We all have the uncanny ability to see clearly the truth about others, but we fail to see the truth about ourselves with as much clarity or keenness.

But there were a few that experienced deep transformation within their hearts, and the change within their hearts inevitably resulted in radical transformation in their lives—and in their relationships. I wish I could say these true transformations were the result of some profound wisdom I shared with them. But that would not be true. The eruptions of transformation were simply the result of God’s Spirit igniting a dynamic desire—or craving—for an intimate relationship with him. It was as if he super-charged their spiritual libido. And along the way of transformation, God’s Spirit began blowing away the obstacles—whatever they were—that obstructed the flow of his Spirit.

So, I have no fantasy in my mind that I will be able to say anything in Holy Libido that will change your life. Not even a fleeting fancy. Every libido-fired transformation I’ve witnessed has been triggered and facilitated by God. He simply invited me along for the adventure…to behold our Creator at work to restore a bit of the original design in a person’s life.

I wrote Holy Libido to share what I believe is the profound possibility of passionate life in God. I pray that you will sense his Spirit stirring something within you as you read. And I pray that you will begin to crave him—deeply—and that you will experience more of the splendor of all that he wants to be in your life.

(Holy Libido will be published in early 2013)

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joy Barber
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 11:12:27

    You are right Rod, the WORK IS IN GOD’S HANDS… all we, as humans can do… is pray for them to see that it is POSSIBLE… through our testimonies of victory through submission to the LORD,….and compliance to HIS Will for our lives!


  2. fullherlife
    Nov 23, 2012 @ 17:52:46

    Josh and my curiosity is piqued to take this book of yours in! As a Life Coach, I get to see women work through and work out their wants and desires to move forward in life. It’s exciting work mostly because God’s Spirit has to show up to add real lasting value to their growth. ~ Blessings brother, Amy Alves


    • Rod & Rose
      Nov 24, 2012 @ 09:06:02

      So happy to hear your curiosity is piqued! A marine Viet Nam vet told me a the secret to life is testosterone. I laughed. Then I began to ponder the question: What is we craved a relationship with God the way we crave our personal comfort and fulfillment. Thus, Holy Libido was launched. Let Josh know you folks you will get a free copy when it’s ready. His insights were very helpful! Blessings…and thank you for your encouraging words! Rod


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